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FTP Access

You need FTP access! If the company doesn't allow ftp access, you cannot hire 3rd party promotion companies if you choose to do so. You can edit pages with the TOOLS (Frontpage, Dreamweaver) You want to use!

Why dont the other companies give you access? Many have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing search (idx/vow) systems and other features (such as contact managers, integrated editors etc) and cannot risk letting you, their customer, taking this code and reselling it and going into business against them.

We're different. From the start, we've seperated the ENGINE from the TEMPLATE. By doing this, we can let you have full ftp access while hiding the .asp code that we must protect. This allows you to upload pages/images, create folders, etc -edit your real estate website directly!

Web Design Features

We are please to explain the feature of our real estate website product.