Lead Manager

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When a person completes a form on your site, goes to your contact page, or fills out the Lead Capture Form, their lead goes to the Lead Manager. Additionally, an email is sent to you informing you of the new lead and giving you basic information such as the person's name, phone and email. The Lead Manager however has more detail. It will show you the properties the person was looking at and links to view the properties they were browsing. If the lead tried to enter fake information, the system catches them and records the invalid information for your inspection.

The New Lead is RANKED based on how many times fake information is entered. Fake phones (we compare the area code and prefix against the city they claim they are from), fake emails (in realtime, the website domain is checked for an open port 25 - the email port) are recorded, and fake names (we have a database of all names and famous names to prevent people putting in names like Elvis Presley and Mickey Mouse. If the user enters foul language, the lead is knocked down four (4) points. When you receive the New Lead notification to your email, you receive its priority code. If the code is below a 7 or 8 you know that it is probably fake.

Red Bullet 1 - This allows you to respond to the lead via email.

Red Bullet 2 - This allows you to forward the lead to an agent (handy for brokers) The transaction is saved in a log.

Red Bullet 3 - This activates the PRIVATE DETECTIVE! Using public databases, we can track down real information and addresses on leads! Even fake leads can be converted into real leads if the name or part of a phone number is correct!

Red Bullet 4 - This allows you to COPY the lead to the Contact Manager in one easy step.