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Built In Website Editor

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Tired of not having control over the look of your site? All our sites include a built in editor that allows you to edit and change every page in your website! Webring the control you need to your desktop with no special software to install!

Even if you have never edited a webpage, you will find that the build in editor is no more difficult to use than Microsoft Word! You can create new pages or modify existing pages. Even if you are at a client's house or away from home, you can edit any page in your website because there is no special software to install! It runs from your browser!


  • 100% DHTML, JavaScript and ASP code. There are no slow Java or ActiveX components to worry about and everything is handled in your browser! NO SOFTWARE TO INSTALL

  • Edit Graphically or BY COLORED SOURCE CODE. Preview your HTML content in real-time before saving it.

  • Built in Backup System keeps you out of trouble!

  • Form Blaster! Use ANY pre-existing form on the internet in your site by changing only 3 lines of HTML

  • Upload images directly into your content! One step does it all!

  • Create/Edit HTML content from your browser, anywhere, anytime!

  • New Page button creates a new page that matches your site's template! Simply put in BODY content and you are all set!

  • The Search Engine Tool automatically creates a search engine optimized phrase when you highlight the phrase and press one button!

  • No slow downloading applets or components

    Graphical User Interface

    • Simple to use

    • Everything is point and click

    • No programming skills required

    • No technical knowledge required

    WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

    • 100% DHTML, JavaScript and ASP

    • Edit your HTML content using a simple point and click Interface

    • Syntax highlighting in source mode makes it easier to edit your HTML code directly

    • Create and modify tables and table cells. Set their border color, alignment, cellspacing and more! Once you've created a table, simply right click inside of it and use the handy popup menu to change its attributes!

    • Create and modify forms, text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes and buttons. Design your next contact or purchase form directly from your web browser!

    • Complete support for stylesheets -- If your HTML code contains a <style> tag or links to a stylesheet, then those styles will automatically be available in the stylesheet drop down list on the toolbar!

    • Right click popup menus inside the DevEdit control make it look and feel like a Windows-based HTML editor! You can right click to cut/copy/paste, modify table/link/image properties and more!


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    • Search Engine Optimize Meta, Title and more via one menu screen

    • Web safe popup color picker

    • Upload images directly into your content

    • Add hyperlinks, anchors, numbers and bulleted lists

    • What you edit is how your HTML content will look

    • If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use this editor

    • Adjust font type, colour, size, formatting (bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript)

    • Paragraph formatting

    • Cut & paste from Microsoft Word or another website!

    • Add, edit or delete links

    • Insert, resize and delete images

    • Modify image properties: width, height, border, alt text, alignment, etc

    • Switch between WYSIWYG and Source Code mode

Web Design Features

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