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When the ATI X850 XT Platinum arrived I was ready for 30" goodness, coming off a 1280x1028 19" monitor.
Just in case you didn't see it...
The culprit is the x850 PE for AGP. Dont even THINK about ordering one cuz you think it has dual-link. It doesn't.
Notice the fact that this card only has one DVI. The other is VGA. It doesn't have single and dual-link. Lie.
Alot of people report no bios w/ this monitor. W/ the ATI RADEON 9600 PRO PC/MAC EDITION it works FINE. And PERFECT. No complaints, cept wish it had good 3D performance like the x850
.. The size was SUBSTANTIAL! I wanted to light it up!
Here it is... But dark because of the lack of a dual-link dvi on the x850 AGP. Lies, lies and damn lies.
Notice the LIE. Misleading at best. "Dual Link External TMDS transmitter" Lie. There is no dual-link on this card. Trust me.
FINALLY.. GOODNESS MEAT! The first time around I plugged the cord into the single link dvi. It booted but wouldn't go into high res.
The port furthest from the motherboard is the dual link dvi port. And it works nicely. You go into catalyst control pannel to put the res to "2560 x 1600"
Yes, I can run two monitors. But I prefer the view out the window to yet MORE desktop real estate. 2560 across is sufficient. ;) Floyd

Half Life 2 on 30" cinema display

[click to enlarge]

The 9600 Pro mac/pc can run half life 2 w/ all effects at about 20-28 fps at 2560 x 1600 Yes, its not perfect fps, but you cant complain.. It looks killer.

Case Studies

Its been quite the trick to find a card w/ Dual-Link DVI for AGP.

Finally, I have it working though..

Radeon 9600 Pro Pc / Mac

Use the Dual Link Dvi port which is the port furthest from the motherboard.