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  • Experienced - Over 13 Yrs creating Real Estate Web Sites!

  • No COPYCAT PLUGINS! Hooked into hundreds of MLS databases! Integrated Search!

  • No Hourly charges to work on or change your real estate web site!

  • FULL Custom Site! If you need something special, you've found the right place!

  • Why have a copy of another site? Custom means taking all the best ideas and making something new!

  • Just looking for leads? We can help! Call Us and let us blow your mind!



Your adWord campaign has been fantastic for me!   Particularly the Valencia neighborhood search.  
I have closed a million in sales from one neighborhood alone!   Thinking about what else we could do to generate even more.   The leads are really great, many of them direct phone calls! These are not coming from referrals!

Robert Elliot  ~  405.370.6324

I am very happy with what you have done for me. I have good showing lined up this week due to the website. On our office page could we take the layout we have now turn it over to you and let you the ad words deal. I looked back and in May we had a total of 17 leads and June so far we have 9 leads. So far this month on website you did for me I have over 40 leads.
David Hancock  ~  706-781-4527

Lead Generation Systems Available! - "Adword" systems like Boomtown, Tigerleads, Realty Generator, Kunversion and Zurple at a fraction of the cost and no yearly commitment! No percentage taken from your spend budget! We can Post Craigslist Ads for Real Estate ! There are lots of agents and brokers looking for Boomtown Alternatives, Tigerleads alternatives, Zurple Alternatives and Kunversion alternatives! These are great products but the cost is tremendous and often the best areas are already gone! Let us help you get leads in the area(s) you want!

Not all areas are currently available , please enter your zip code for availability :

Awesome Mobile Site Included

NEW Instant Search Technology
Generate Leads With Craigslist Ads
**NEW** You can GENERATE LEADS even if you don't have any listings!

Agents are GETTING IN TROUBLE for posting OTHER PEOPLE'S listing in Craigslist. We can post GROUPS OF HOMES (Search Results) as craigslist ads!

We combine several homes in a CATEGORY and create a single ad w/ a QR code and landing page! The postings are of several listings per ad with reciprocity rules followed. Postings are created by category/area/property type/price range.
Easy To Use Time Saving Features
By combining all lead management functions into one unified interface with our unique FEATURE SEARCH, you can easily find the feature your're looking for whether it be e-flyers, social networking, youtube videos, blogging and more with a simple keyword search!
Built In Mapping
Our sites are custom! This means we can show mapping on any page(s) you want! In the navigation bar after a search, on the home detail page, search results pages and more! We can even provide street view and birds eye view options on your detail pages!
Integrated Social Networking
It is not enough to simply have a facebook page! We ensure that people can SHARE YOUR SITE and homes to THEIR network of friends with all the popular social networks!
Integrated, Easy To Use Blog
Everyone has a blog, but we have taken the next step! If you're too busy to remember to blog regularly, let us help! Your website will email you a question that, when answered, is automatically added to your blog! If you're ambitious, you can visit our QUICK BLOG system and answer other questions that post to your blog and even create content rich reports that search engines love!
Include your listings on other popular websites! We syndicate your real estate listings to popular sites such as: Trulia, Oodle, Propsmart, Vast and more! More exposure for your listings means more eyeballs on your real estate! More exposure means faster home sales!
Robust RSS Feeds and Site Mapping
Our sites are HUGE! Even the least expensive site we offer has over 200 pages of content! We make it easy for search engines and your website visitors to find what they are looking for with comprehensive site maps and RSS feeds for all your sites content!
Integrated Calendar
Every site includes a fun, easy to manage local calendar that allows you keep your visitors informed about area events. This is a great way to add FRESH CONTENT to your site. Visitors will return to your event calendar regularly.
Email Marketing
Your site will automatically email your (leads) contacts NEW LISTINGS that closely match the homes they were browsing. Your clients can easily change the criteria of homes they're being emailed or remove themselves from your EMAIL DRIP MARKETING system.
Built In Editor
The built in editor allows you to simply NAVIGATE to the page you want to edit, enter EDIT MODE with your password, then change the content of the page! There is even a META TAG and TITLE editor which allows you easy access to the SEO of any page in your site!
Vacation Rental System
We provide a vacation rental system that allows you to set vacancies, varying prices per season as well as an easy to use back console that lets you check 'RULES' (such as pets/no pets, max occupants, etc), features, descriptions, unlimited photos and more!
Full Featured Email
Having a professional email address is important! We support Google domain hosted mail for up to 10 mailboxes and unlmited addresses, or UNLIMITED boxes on your own server with IMAP, POP Support all with an easy to use mobile interface!

Neighborhood Profiles
There is no better or faster way to QUALITY traffic than profiling specific areas that people are searching for. The VERY BEST LEADS come from people who know where they want to live! You can CATCH their eye, deliver useful information and home inventory, and generate QUALITY leads.
Advanced Lead Manager
We offer more than simple Lead Management! Our easy to use console allows you to:
  • Import listings (with images) by MLS#
  • Add youtube videos
  • Create mini-websites
  • Add neighborhood profile pages
  • Create your own podcast
  • Manage a round robin for your agents
  • Agent Website
  • Property Management
  • Create agent websites
  • Create listing websites
  • Sending Listing e-flyers
  • Blog Management
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Social Networking Management
  • Drip marketing with property/foreclosure alerts
  • Traffic analysis and more!
Custom Real Estate Design
Having a very custom design is important! Search engines frown on multiple copies of the same design, or templates with only slight tweaks! We sell only ONE CUSTOM DESIGN PER MLS!

Being unique matters! We work closely with our real estate agents and broker clients to ensure their design and the content of their site fits their client demographic and is tailored to fit THEIR REAL ESTATE MARKET!
Immediate Leads! Organic SEO
Optionally, we can set your site up with Adwords! We do ORGANIC SEO, but this takes time to do correctly. We provide our clients with inbound leads gradually accumulated over time and by using varying link ANCHOR TEXT and linking to internal pages as well as the homepage you will get results.

Some Clients Want Leads Right Away! We can help! By creating hundreds of adword campaigns that target the individual neighborhoods, we capture interested buyers for areas that the "Lookie Lou's" have never heard of! This means QUALITY leads right away!
Custom Auto Responders
There are over twenty (20) ways your site can generate leads! Each has its own lead type specific autoresponder. We provide the response text for each lead type but allow you access to change it to anything you wish!
Property Managment Content
Our sites include content and systems for Property Managers. We include online form for new tenants, and can even build custom forms for your specific needs. Need a secure server setup for the submission of your forms? No problem!
FSBO System
The newspaper is dying! Homeowners need a way to promote their non-listed homes! You can fill the gap! Your site can allow homeowners to add their home to your site. Once added ALL LEAD INQUIRIES GO TO YOU! With prospective home buyers in your pocket, you have more power to get the listing!

This is a great tool for those who talk to FSBO home owners as you have a free service you can offer them!


What Really Matters?   RESULTS!
It's simple really. You only need two things!

  • Tons of Traffic! We guarantee over 100 UNIQUE "Organic" visitors a day
    in just a few weeks!

  • Effective "Calls To Action" - Compelling reasons for someone
    to give you their contact info!

  • Regardless of which company you choose, make sure you have built in real estate search, custom pages created for each community/subdivision/neighborhood you serve complete with the current home inventory for that area. Be sure the company will set up a robust Google Adword campaign for each city/subdivision/neighborhood whose landing page is the neighborhood.

    A nice looking homepage is just the start. What really matters is lots of quality content w/ a built in search - NOT A FRAMED third party search solution from another company.

    You dont get credit (ranking help) for FRAMED real estate search results. 95% of all real estate companies simply FRAME search results. Don't settle for less - you can have your cake and eat it too!

    We are a small company who prides ourselves on being accountable and available to our clients. We will work hard for you every day and if you have a question or need help, you can contact the person in charge.

    How can you believe a company can help you with SEO when they aren't at the top of the search engines themselves? It is self evident who is who in the zoo. Take this into consideration as you continue shopping.

    We do custom design, offer Google Adword Campaign setup for those who want leads coming in DAY 1, offer a Craigslist posting system, syndication, work on our client's Organic Ranking by getting backlinks pointing to their site and offer a product second to none. We also build pages for cities/areas/subdivisions where we profile the area and show available inventory for the location.

    Read More..

    Most of our clients appear in the top 20 of at least two major search engines (for phrases people actually type in) within six months with no work on their part. Some in less than 60 days!

    So why doesn't everyone do this?

    Most web design companies are puppy farms, selling several websites a day. We do not do outside sales marketing of any kind and we do not employ call center boiler rooms, antagonizing agents to buy their website product. We specialize in creating a web site for the new and experienced real estate agent or broker.

    Real Estate Listing Syndication!

    We export (syndicate) your listings to major real estate portals including Trulia, Yahoo, Google Base, Vast, Oodle, Propsmart and more! More people will see your listings! More traffic will come into your site! It's automatic! It's free! Your clients will be happy to know their listing is seen by hundreds of people every day!

    To be successful on the search engines, you need a website with at least 250 pages! You need a website that doesn't look like anyone else's in your area. We only do one web design per 5 cities you specify to ensure your real estate website never looks like someone else's!

    Also, because your site is not a carbon copy we have very good results for web site promotion, giving you a better chance at a good position in the major search engines.   If your website is not in the top 20 results of the major search engines, you won't be seen! Broker IDX Solution Available!   We can host your IDX database and integrate it into your site for NO EXTRA COST!

    Remember : Web site design and Search Engine optimization are two different fields.   Be sure you have a website who knows what he or she is doing!   Additionally, we will, using a network of webmasters cultivated over the years, have your web site linked by over 100 webmasters.

    Most of our clients appear in the first page of the search engines within six months with no work on their part.   Some in less than 60 days!

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    ALSO : Mortgage Websites - General Business Web Sites

    Why doesn't everyone do this? Most real estate web design companies are puppy farms, selling fifty to one hundred web sites a week. Others simply take in more work than they have time to complete in a timely manner. We do not do outside sales marketing of any kind - do not employ call center boiler rooms, calling agents around the clock, antagonizing them to purchase a web site.

    Because of this, we can concentrate on a much smaller group of clients and work on getting their web sites ranked well in the search engines.

    You can spot 'puppy farm' type companies easy: If you can't call up and talk to the OWNER of the company, keep walking.

    Turning web site visitors into leads requires these things:

    Search Engine Ranking Without ranking, you wont have visitors!   You need people interested in real estate to visit your real estate web site before you can contact them about buying or selling their home!
    Examples (first page google):

    Real Estate Content (INTEGRATED IDX Real Estate Search - we download the mls data nightly),Reports, Forms, Calculators (Our sites are over 200 pages not including a single home or database search)

    Once people find your real estate web site, they need something to keep them there long enough for you to capture their personal info as a lead.  

    Each web site comes with over 80 real estate reports, integrated MLS real estate search with Google Mapped Real Estate Search Results 11 Real Estate Calculators, Home Comparable Finder, Current Real Estate Interest Rates and more!   (see chart at right)

    For a web site that gets results, you need an expert web site designer to put together quality real estate content as well as expert search engine optimization and promotion if you want to have a successful real estate web site!

    Web Content Solutions provides its customers with a complete Online Real Estate Web Business and Administration System!   Whether it's custom real estate content, search engine promotion, redesign, or real estate hosting, look no further.  We service real estate agents and real estate brokers with affordable pricing, service and quality every day with superior Web Design and high traffic.

    web design - 5 We set our real estate clients apart from the thousands of twenty page wonder sites that populate the internet today.  Even if your site is beautiful and powerful, if you're not on the first page of the major search engines, you have a diamond studded mall in the middle of the desert!  

    We implement proven web design and SEO coding methods to stay at top of the major search engines for over 200 phrases per site.   Even more than raking, we strive to deliver a professional looking and easy to use site. Many web sites can rank highly but are just too hard to navigate and use.   We concentrate on both design and search engine optimization to give you the complete package.   We offer a host of services including real estate web site design solutions far beyond anything else available.  

    IDX Real Estate Solutions

    Until Broker Reciprocity became available on January 1, 2001, the only way you could have a integrated real estate property search on your web site was to frame or another national web site.   The problem with using these other sites is that they have a lot of advertisements and each listing shows the listing agent?s picture and contact information.   This is very bad because it allows your clients and visitors to contact the listing agents instead of you!

    Thanks to the new rules you can now add your own personal MLS IDX Database Search to your web site!   This enables you to send your clients and visitors to your web site to do home searching and know that they will contact YOU if they see a listing they are interested in!  

    Only your name and contact information will be on every listing in the MLS!

    Stop buying leads..     Generate your own!

    It's time to purchase a real estate web site that performs!

    Information Request

    I would like to see a real site (and pricing) as well as information on availability for my area for lead generation.

    Website Design is available to all areas. The two lead generation systems are not. Many areas are currently available but going fast. The reason areas go fast is that Google and craigslist will not let you oversaturate an area with the same lead system from the same company.
    My Name
    Design #(s)



    First: We create an incredible website, breaking out up to 700 communities/suburbs/subdivisions, each with its own page!

    st geroge homes for sale

    Second: We offer TWO options for our clients. One allows you to simply post (or have us do this for you) to Craigslist a high impact flyer generated by any search on your site! What this means is that you can create searches in various popular areas, at price ranges you know are popular. We even allow you to create flyers based on FORECLOSURES / HUD / SHORT SALES etc!

    This allows you to generate leads by your own SWEAT EQUITY! You aren't tied to a large monthly bill to generate leads! We're the only company on the internet that offers this!

    Optionally: Adwords - We CREATE for you up to 1200 ADS (Each with over 40 keyword phrases) for up to 400 communities/neighborhoods/subdivisions Each with its own landing page! No more wasting money on clicks that go to a generic page that isn't really what the client wants! We drive the client to the page they were looking for so you generate a lead for about every 15-20 clicks! (on average)

    Third: We drive incoming traffic (potential clients) to a high impact (lead generating page) with lots of useful information and methods to capture leads Like View Just Listed, View Foreclosures, Answer a Question, Recently Reduced, Hot List and More!

    Finally: Once your generating leads (Day 1 if you're posting to craigslist!) You'll have a robust back end CRM system that will allow you to effectively manage your leads. Each time the visitor returns, they'll get an email thanking them for their return visit with different content written for each visit. You'll be able to see each page they visited and how long they stayed on each page. Advanced traffic analysis will let you know how many daily visitors you're receiving, which search engines are driving traffic to you and what keyword phrases are being used to find our site organically!

    CRM also includes: Email Drip Marketing, Client login portal with saved listings, email a friend, private communication message base and document file system. Broker round robin sysetm is also built in! There are too many features to mention!

    REALTOR® -- A registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.   MJA Marketing and Real Estate Web Site Design are not affiliated with REALTOR®, it's logos or trademarks.   Thanks for your interest in real estate web design.

    By Floyd | MJA Marketing Floyd | | Google | Google+