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When it comes to getting your site to the top of the search engines is easy. Keeping it there and not get banned from trying tricks? Its hard work.

The internet grows by more than a million pages a day. More and more webmasters are touting to their clients that they will "get them ranked on the first page of search engines." But there are only 10 results on a page.

How can hundreds of webmasters promise you they will deliver?

They can't.

How can you sift through the gimmicks and scams?  Well here are some things to think about.

Top placement comes from combining many areas of web site construction; content, interlinking, architecture, outside linking, content updating constantly and more. It takes design and allot of work to get results that KEEP your site on top of search engines.

Now there are ways to trick some search engines and having a new site will get you rankings for a few days but in time both scenarios have your site "dropping into place." Some tricks that webmaster wanna be's use might have you off search engines for months.

Handing a hobby site over to a webmaster is one thing but a Real Estate real estate website?

Think twice.

Successful Real Estate Web Sites earn $100,000 to over $1M in commissions to their owners. With that kind of bounty do you think that successful Real Estate real estate experienced Real Estate real estate agents get there on $500 or $1500 in web site gimmicks? Top placement is not going to happen with a cookie cutter website with basic pages.


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