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My name is Floyd. 


I own and operate Web Content Solutions.  I specialize in real estate web sites for the real estate agent or broker .   I only do one web design per 5 city radius around your main 'focus' city to ensure your real estate site never looks like someone else's!   Additionally, I will, using a network of webmasters cultivated over many years, have your web site linked by over 100 webmasters.  Most of my clients appear in the first page of the search engines within six months with no work on their part.  Some in less than 60 days! 


Why doesn't everyone do this?  Most web design companies are puppy farms , selling several websites a day.  We do not do outside sales marketing of any kind - do not employ call center boiler rooms, calling agents around the clock, antagonizing them to buying websites.  Because of this, we can concentrate on a much smaller group of clients and work on getting their websites ranked well in the search engines.  You can spot 'puppy farm' type companies easy.  If a company puts their name at the bottom of your website, keep walking.  They're doing nothing more than driving the rankings of their companies real estate web site up at your expense!   Your website becomes just another way for them to attract more customers ? your website becomes nothing more than a tool for them to attract more sales!

Also, because your site is not a carbon copy we have very good results for Website Promotion , giving you a better chance at a good position in the major search engines. If your website is not in the top 20 results of the major search engines, you won't be seen! Broker IDX Solution Available! We can host your IDX database and integrate it into your site for NO EXTRA COST!

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