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Javascript Web Page Design Copy Protection

Go ahead, try to copy the form below... Fun Fun!  It uses javascript encryption.  If you're smart enought to reverse engineer, then you're smart enough to use it in your page..  Have fun!

You put the javascript in table and use the ONSELECTSTART='return false' in the BODY tag.

The encryption has to be generated by php or html though. You can easily reverse the javascript encrptor to see the simple algorithm that you'll have to incorporate in your asp or php program.

One downside to all this is that the search engines cant see the text thats encrypted. A suggestion is to have the text in a table offscreen and moved off the page. but then again, that may not be too wise as search engines look for those techniques and ban pages/sites that abuse that method.

Well, you cant have your cake and eat it too! :)


Javascript  Protection