How We Generate Leads
At the end of the day, your site needs to generate leads! We do what it takes to accomplish this!
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We get our client's websites traffic ORGANICALLY. This takes several months to build up, and in the interm, (for those who need leads coming in immediately) we offer a google adword system.

85% of people about to buy a home start their search by going online. Since Google controls about 70% of all searches we set our clients up with google adword campaigns - one for each neighborhood/subdivision.

The AD is clicked, they are delived to a high value lead page.

On the search results page, the buyer sees the Google Ad that matches exactly what they've been looking for. They just click the link and go to your website. We create three specialized ads for each neighborhood/subdivision you serve - Hundreds!

The visitor sees homes for sale in the neighborhood and lead buttons asking if they want to see FORECLOSURES, NEW LISTINGS, LUXURY HOMES of have a question answered about the area which also becomes a lead for you.

When someone hits your site from google LOOKING FOR INFO/HOMES ON THE NEIGHBORHOOD/SUBDIVISION, their need (home/area curiosity) is immediately satisfied. We show them property listings and info that matches their original search.

Before they can view the details on the a home they're interested in, they will have to fill out the lead capture system.

Buyers are compelled to complete registration on your site in order to gain full access to all property details. When they do, the lead information is immediately sent to you.

The lead gives you enough information to call your lead with background in hand. You can see the last searches and homes they viewed and the pages they vistied, called "LEAD TRACKS".

Your Leads Manager and Contact Manager in conjunction with the e-flyers make it easy to keep in touch with the leads. Neighborhood/Subdivision leads are much better quality than average junk leads, but those who aren't ready to buy/sell right away, simply add them to drip marketing ensuring your name and face stay in front of what can be your future client!

Additionally, in depth site statistics are given which allow you to monitor overall website traffic including which pages are most popular, how people find your site, how many unique visitors, what part of the country your visitors are coming from, how long they are staying on your site and much more!

Incredible Features

  • Drip Marketing System
  • Several Hundred Pages of Content!
  • Integrated Day Planner
  • SMS Lead Notifications
  • Client Slideshows
  • Associate Manager
  • Mini Websites for Listings
  • Listing Manager - Import Listings
  • FTP Access AND File Manager
  • Unlimited Email POP3/SMTP/Web
  • WYSIWYG Integrated HTML Editor
  • Integrated IDX Search
  • Advanced Lead Capture System
  • Lead Research System - Lead Integrity
  • Link Management System
  • Promoted to the Top of Search Engines
  • Integrated Contact Manager
  • Integrated Pre-Qualification
  • Template Exclusivity
  • Real Estate Glossary
  • 11 Real Estate Calculators
  • Integrated Neighborhood Demographcis
  • Integrated School Information
  • Integrated Google Map to Listing
  • Home Viewing Appointment Scheduler
  • Integrated Home Search Shopping Cart.
  • Local Info for Your City / Area
  • Integrated Current Movie Listings
  • Integrated Local News
  • Integrated Todays Interest Rates
  • Integrated Instant CMA System
  • Integrated Testimonial System
  • Integrated Report Manager
  • Integrated Form Manager
  • Over 80 Real Estate Reports
  • Over 40 Real Estate Forms
  • Property Alert System

  • Lots More - Too Many To List!

  • Everyone wants a sale. We do. Our competition does.

    Whomever you choose, ask each one these important questions:
    Will THEIR COMPANY get you to the top of the search engines?
    Most rely on you to do it! This is very time consuming! Are you trying to sell houses or learn SEO techniques? Even if they provide link tools, be prepared to spend over 80 hrs of work. Let us do the work for you! We get your site to the top of the search engines as part of your low monthly hosting fee : Agents sites : $55/mo

    Avoid companies that brand you!
    You are not a cow to be branded! A professional real estate company wouldn't be caught dead with a brand at the bottom of each page 'Designed By.." A web designer like this is doing nothing more than driving the rankings of their own website up at your expense! Your website becomes just another way for them to attract more customers! Upon request, we remove ALL BRANDING! Your website becomes their tool to attract more website sales! They should pay you!

    How long until your site is online?
    A real estate web site should be online in LESS than 5 business days. Unless it is a complete custom site, there is no excuse. This weeds out all the WANNA BE real estate designers.

    Do they offer FTP access?
    You may not even know what this is, but its a good way to find out if you have access to the content of your site. If a company doesn't offer FTP access, do yourself a favor : Step Away From The Company! Excuses abound for this one! Everyone has an excuse why they cant offer you FTP access.

    Can you have INTEGRATED home search?
    This one will knock 95% of all designers, irregardless of size, out of contention. Do they download the MLS data nightly? If not, you'll have unprofessional framed search! Not all areas offer AGENTS raw data access, but more than half do, so dont accept excuses on this. Without integrated search, kiss the leads goodbye.

    Lead Capture that YOU Can Adjust?
    If you buy a site that only captures leads from people requesting reports, pressing a 'contact' button or using the phone to call you... You're about to learn whos who in the zoo! People wont do it! Effective lead capture requires more intelligent methods!

    Integrated Lead Management, Drip Marketing and More?
    Managing your leads, contacts and calendar is important! Have leads sent to your phone via SMS. Import and export into a drip marketing database. 60 built in newsletters, WYSIWYG HTML editor. Create marketing letters, emails and flyers tailored to an individual lead! Create online presentations and slideshows for clients. AND MORE!
    Unlike TOP PRODUCER and AGENT OFFICE, your database grows with time! No need to add anyone at all! They add themselves! In no time at all you will have a database of hundreds of people looking to buy real estate in your local area! Our websites are many things, but most importantly, they're lead generators!

    Free Web Site for your Listings?
    Your clients are becoming more saavy! If you dont offer a mini-website (3-7 pg) for their property, they may not list their home with you! Get this: You can create a website for your client's home with a simple press of a button! Several designs to choose from and this doesn't add a single dollar to the price of setup or hosting. You can add over 250 listing websites to your own site! Our competition can only dream of offering this! We do it at no extra charge!


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