Our sites contain over 80 real estate reports and 45 forms.  These reports cause you to come up at the top of the search engines for over 200 phrases! 

See Example - Blue Ridge Waterfront Real Estate

These reports cover everything from mortgage to buying selling and more. There are category pages as well that categorize these reports by not only whether a person is buying or selling their home, but at what stage they're in.

You can capture leads from these reports (settings in the Admin Console you control) by requiring a person to register before the full report is emailed (site does it, you have no work to do ) to their given email address, *OR* you can set it so that only a certain (you set the amount) amount of reports can be read before they're required to give contact information. Either way can capture an enormous amount of leads. This is especially effective if you add reports about your area of the world!

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